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Williams II Contingency Awards: American Racer — Sartain. Beyea Custom Headers — Dycus. BSB Manufacturing — M. Williams II. Deatherage Opticians — Dunn. E3 Spark Plugs — Dillard. Edelbrock — Sartain. Eibach — J. Fast Shafts — Dunn. FK Rod Ends — J. Forty9 Designs — Duvall, Robertson. Hooker Harness — Ahumada. Jerovetz Motorsports Racing Parts — Melton. Keyser Manufacturing — Malchus. Maxima Racing Oils — Dotson.

Mesilla Valley Transportation — Vogel.

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Out-Pace Racing Products — Day. QA1 — Sanders. Real Racing Wheels — all non-qualifiers. How has Edie changed over the course of the 4 novels in the series so far? I think over the course of the series, Edie's become both more pragmatic, and more entrenched in who she is. Over the course of the first three books, Edie was tested personally -- by her job, and by doing repeatedly what needed to be done.

Dave Holmes Looks Back at the Fetch Hits of Summer 1986, When Lindsay Lohan Arrived in the World

She got out of the game and then was pulled back in again -- but now she knows what she wants to do with her life. So Deadshifted isn't about testing her anymore -- but testing the limits of her relationship with Asher. Like let's say you want opinions on something I only ask that we all try to keep in it structured and easy to navigate. Thanks For Joining and don't hesitate to connect with the other members in this group. This group is for the discussion and recommendation of paranormal romances and paranormal erotic romance, along with ur Welcome to Paranormal Romance!

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Other books by the author are always available for discussion also, just start a topic! The Wild Wolves — 31 members — last activity Jul 11, We try to keep this roleplay as realistic and in line with natural wolf behavior as we can. Wolf experts are welcome! For tho This is a wolf roleplay. For those of you who are advanced roleplayers, we offer the StreamPack roleplay. For everyone else, the BreezePack and StreamPack are not exclusive and open to all. WillowPack is not advanced either but is a bit trickier to get into due to the nature of its history anyone interested has to make a loner and have it be accepted into the pack.

Things get dangerous when it is discovered that Amy's ex-boyfriend, her former mechanic Turk Foley David Hayward , is bent on either getting her back -- or killing her. Nitrous oxide soups up a car's horsepower, but using nitrous oxide can get a driver disqualified. The Racing Association barred Turk as a driver for life, knowing that Turk had severely injured a total of four drivers in his career in his efforts to win.

Boss Hogg needs to win the race because Mama Hogg's ashes are in the winning trophy, but honest deputy Enos Strate is driving for Boss, so Boss has Rosco threaten to sell Cooter's truck unless Cooter becomes a crasher in the race in order to make sure Enos wins. Turk sabotages Amy's race car, and then sneaks into the race himself, using Cooter's car.

Neil robbed Boss in order to get back the money that he paid Boss for the equipment.

Boss thinks that Bo was the robber, and he tells Rosco. Neil ends up at the Duke farm after Daisy makes acquaintance with him at the Boar's Nest. The Secret Service men and the two state police motorcycle cops stop at the Boar's Nest for a fill-up and some coffee, where Cooter and the boys are just leaving.

The boys spot the car, admire it for a bit, and then Bo and Luke leave, leaving Cooter to ogle over the car some more. In fact, Cooter becomes so entranced by the limo that he hotwires it, and takes it for a joyride. Boss Hogg has a chop shop operation going, and Rosco, who is usually in on Boss Hogg's scams, knows nothing about it. When the limo turns up missing, Rosco assumes that the same car thieves who had been working the county for the past month are the ones who stole it. Boss figures that he has got a sure disaster on his hands if it turns out that his men at the chop shop took the car and have cut it to pieces, until Rosco wonders how much of a reward he will get for bringing that "important car" back.

Bo and Luke are arrested just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Boss sees a money-making opportunity with a high profile trial such as Marlowe's being held in Hazzard. Not wanting to risk Rosco, or Enos for that matter, Boss decides to send Bo and Luke to transport Marlowe from Springville, in exchange for not selling the General Lee. Bo and Luke agree, and head off to Springville, but not before being spotted in deputy uniforms by Daisy and Cooter. Along the way, Bo and Luke must deal with Herky Bob Hoy and Manny Pat Renella , two of Marlowe's henchmen who will stop at nothing to free Marlowe, and they must also deal with Mary Beth Malone Stella Parton , who has a personal grudge against Marlowe, who got her father wrongfully locked up.

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Post-Credits Scene Explained: What Logo Was That on the Pager?

Boss wants to shut down the casino too, but only to take the equipment and start his own casino. To get out of the jam, the Dukes play their trump card -- Jesse. At the jail, the local physician, Doc Henry Petticord Pat Cranshaw , suspects that Colt has a case of the plague, and so he quarantines the jail with the police, Bo, Luke, and Jesse there. Boss and Rosco wrongly accuse Bo and Luke of setting up the robbery to happen, which is what Tom Colt did for his two accomplices Wendle and Irving by faking his illness so Boss, Rosco, and Enos would be out of the way while Irving and Wendle were robbing the bank.

The only way Bo and Luke can clear themselves is to escape from the jail and go after Irving and Wendle, who have kidnapped Daisy. At the Boar's Nest, after seeing an old film of when Boss Hogg and Jesse were in the Ridge Runners Association, running moonshine, an argument about who was the better moonshiner -- along with some unintentional prodding from Bo -- causes Boss and Jesse to declare a race to determine who the better moonshine runner is.

They use jugs of water in place of moonshine. Boss plots to win the race by sending Jesse right into the hands of Hatchapee County sheriff Emmitt "Spike" Loomis Jim Mohlmann , who is known for being unusually tough on moonshiners. Naturally, any amount of gold has Boss Hogg drooling.

Switch Tops 8 Million in Japan - Starlink Crimson Moon Content + MORE/Q&A! - PE LIVE!

Bo and Luke are framed when the gold is stolen from the bank. The Dukes soon discover that the gold is fake, and that it is actually lead painted to look like gold. Guest starring: Curtis Credel as H. Harkness; Bruce M. Rick Hurst as Cletus Hogg. A year after the end of the series, Dorothy Collier would marry James Best, who played as Roscoe; the marriage lasted until his death.

Boss Hogg's cousin Cletus Hogg, who is much more honest than Boss Hogg is, is substituting for Enos, who is in the hospital with appendicitis. The truck's driver makes a mistake in identifying the hijackers, and that gets Cletus wrongfully accused of the hijacking. The Dukes set out to help Cletus clear his name. Boss schemes to take advantage of the situation by claiming that Bo and Luke stole his genuine Jefferson Davis gold watch and chain so he can collect the insurance on it. Bo and Luke find themselves arriving at their own wake.

When they learn that Boss has accused them of stealing his gold watch and chain, they figure that the only way to prove their innocence is to haunt Boss and Rosco by making the General Lee look like a ghost, in order to scare the truth out of Boss. Boss Hogg hears about Cale being in town, so he frames Bo and Luke for crossing the county line and violating their probation.

How Will 'Captain Marvel' Play Into that 'Avengers: Infinity War' Ending and 'Endgame'?

Guest starring: Cale Yarborough as himself. Bo and Luke help Cooter deliver demolition derby cars to Augie Detweiller John Quade , who runs a traveling demolition derby. Augie is smuggling stolen racing engines in the derby cars, and Bo and Luke do not know a thing about it.

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Rosco discovers the smuggling, and he plans to arrest Bo and Luke. Bo and Luke decide to clear themselves by joining the derby, with Bo going undercover as a driver.