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After Malgus' betrayal , the Sith Empire began an alien initiative movement which saw to multiple Cathar clans being freely inducted into the ranks. On their homeworld, Cathar lived in cities built into giant trees, and were organized into clans governed by "Elders". Stories of their great heroes were often carved into the trunks of these tree-homes for following generations to see. The Cathar mated for life, to the extent that when one mate died, the survivor never had a relationship with another.

Cathar clan society included great pageants and celebrations, especially for their heroes. Their religion included a ritual known as the "Blood Hunt", in which Cathar warriors individually engaged in combat against entire nests of Kiltik in order to gain honor and purge themselves of inner darkness.

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The native language of the Cathar was Catharese , which included the emphasis of some spoken words with a growl. Force-sensitive Cathar often became Jedi , even though the Jedi way tended to be in opposition to their natural tendencies.

Catharism - Wikipedia

The story of Crado's fall to the dark side of the Force under the influence of Exar Kun was well-known to all Cathar, just as the story of Sylvar, who was able to turn away from the dark path and regain the Jedi way. Another Cathar Jedi of that era was Juhani , who traveled with Revan and assisted him in the destruction of the Star Forge. Juhani , a Cathar female of the less common Juhani subspecies. In Knights of the Old Republic , the Cathar Jedi Juhani speaks Basic , albeit with a heavy Slavic -like accent, with rolled "r"s and "w"s that sound like "v"s.

It is possible that this is meant to represent a Catharian accent. This, combined with Cathar names like Syayna , suggests that Slavs may have been the inspiration for this species. Well, yes and no. The Cathars were hijacked long before the Department of Aude dreamt up the marketing concept of "Cathar Country".

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  • The Cathars have been used to justify everything from the Reformation to revolution and even Nazism by one particular writer. Montsegur, some still maintain, is the site of the Holy Grail. The people of Languedoc are proud of their Cathar heritage. The Cathars now symbolise the independence, democratic spirit and most important of all, separateness, of Languedoc. The name Languedoc simply means the language of Oc, or where "oc" rather than "oui", as in French, meant "yes". With the language, Occitan, the people of the south have something to use against centralised France.

    They are no longer simply the poor region of France, eating bean stew and speaking a form of French that Parisians find so funny, they are the inheritors of something special. Without the crusade against the Cathars, Languedoc might never have been part of France.

    The Lost Teachings of the Cathars

    Every Hotel de Ville flying the flag, bearing the Cathar Cross beside the French flag and the EU flag, is announcing the separateness of the south. Occitan regionalism and the Cathars are now intertwined. No one knows of the Cathar connection to this village, but everyone is sure there is one. It is as if there is a parallel history. When Northerners laugh at the "g" sound at the ends of words, that makes "vin" sounds like "veng" and "demain" like "demeng" the people of Languedoc do not mind.

    That, they say, is the sound of Occitan, the language spoken by the Cathars, coming through. In some ways it is as if the Cathars were never beaten. Consolation for the Cathars Sat, Nov 23, , The cultural legacy of an ancient religious sect that was almost wiped out in the Inquisition is everywhere to be seen in the south of France - and its influence today is now more evident than Catholicism, writes Michael Foley After a month siege, the forces of the Inquisition and the King of France captured the castle of Montsegur, standing 1, metres high on a remote limestone peak in the Pyrenees, on March 2nd, Editor's Choice Most Viewed.

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    The Cathar Legacy

    More than killed in Iraqi anti-government protests in six days Why so many of these Cathar spirits congregated in Bath, the home of Guirdham's practice, is not answered, but his new age updating of Parisian salon seances has proved enduring. By the late 70s, people measured the cosmic vibrations at Cathar castles.

    Weekend archeologists turned up what they always claimed were Cathar crosses, pendants and stone doves. Replicas of these became the staples at craft fairs through Languedoc. Stonehengers and other neo-pagans took an interest. The trio made Catharism a mass phenomenon and turned the international Glastonbury Arthurian followers on to a new medieval romance.

    Understanding Cathar Beliefs

    Where did he get them? The short and true answer is that he master-minded a system of mail-order fund-raising and conned local notables into leaving him money in their wills. He sold off parts of it, and blackmailed the Vatican. In the book, the Cathar treasure, besides containing an incalculable hoard of Visigothic gold, contained proof that Jesus was not God, but a king who had married Mary Magdalene. Their son founded the line of Merovingian kings, who were, incidentally, Jewish. This secret, along with others debunking the divinity of Jesus, had been found below the Temple of Jerusalem during the Crusades.

    It had been transmitted to both the Cathars and Knights Templar. There are hints that not all of the treasure has been found. Since the book's publication, the land around Rennes-le-Chteau has become pockmarked with the spadework of treasure-hunters. A landing pad for UFOs has been constructed and tours are now conducted through what is a very ordinary country church. The Cathars are now a protean bunch, ready to transform into just about anything that a questing soul could desire. The website of Marshall Applewhite's Heaven's Gate cult teemed with references to the asceticism of the Cathars and "the god hidden behind the god".

    He eventually persuaded his followers to commit suicide, in order to go to the "level beyond human" - a state similar to that attributed to the Cathar Perfects - and have their souls ascend and speed away in the wake of the real, celestial Hale-Bopp Comet. The Cathar industry continues to expand: wineries, websites, restaurants, estate agents, tinned duck packagers, and many other businesses in modern Languedoc have appropriated the label Cathar.

    There is also a movie in preparation, a French film, The Hand of God, directed by Yves Lombard, to be released this or next year. The film will deal with the great unsolved mystery of the Cathar drama: who killed Peter of Castelnau? The Cathars are also likely to have a bright future on the internet, a matter-free medium perfect to serve as an echo chamber of esoteric thought.

    At least 5, websites have already co-opted the Cathar name, if not the original beliefs. The medieval heresy, which the Catholic church thought it had so successfully quelled, has, thanks to fabulists, cranks, wishful thinkers and romantics, proved remarkably enduring. Topics Books.

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