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Er, Henry? This is the script to Supermarket Sweep. Let's get tonight's action under way shall we? Yes let's do that now before I die a horrible death out here. Frosty: Our first match tonight is a tag team match, between the all so famous Senor Alessandro and Senor Domenico, and Tonic the Hedgehog and Wails… er wait who are these guys? Tonic emerges from the ramp to a ska version of the Sonic the Hedgehog theme. Tonic stumbles and throws up all over the curtains. Frosty: Oh dear, all over the curtains! Tonics heads up to the ring and climbs in, falling over the ropes. Wails follows suit, wiping the sick off their skin.

Henry: Mate I got the best I could off the possible budget.

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Out comes Alessandro and Domenico to a death metal version of the Super Mario theme. Who provided the sound track for the show tonight Henry? Anyway the fight will begin as soon as the bell master wakes up.

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Bell Master: Zzzz… zzz Oh right yeah. We should have got some pros in to do it. Now ring the bell!

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  7. We start with Alessandro and Tonic dying to commence battle…! Runs around in the ring doing forward rolls with great speed, bouncing off the ropes in drunken tumbles. Runs around throwing fists everywhere. Domenico dogdes them with ease, and stops to celebrate with the crowd. A man and his dog of course, nobody else. Tonic starts to kick about with feeble kicks. Wails charges at Alessandro. He dodges them with ease, since his short stature is perfect for speed. But he exhausts easily as he is fat and going bald. Yes his hair possesses magic powers, and he's losing it. Domenico crawls out of the ring and falls to the ground.

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    Alessandro runs circles around Wails and stops behind them so he cannot be seen. Wails becomes confused. From Illogicopedia. Batman: I was just trying to liven up the evening.

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    Batman: Sigh. And me, Batman. Frosty: Perfect! Now all we gotta do is film it. Batman: Oh for the love of God! I'm outta here! Batman throws his microphone onto the table and storms off. Cameraman: Yeah. Carry on quick! Nobodies noticed. Henry: No it's not, shut up. Henry grabs the scripts off everyone and eats them all.

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    Frosty: And Wails with that calamity slip there! Henry: to bell master Wake up scumbag! Tonic: Wahoo! Look at me mother! Frosty: Er, when are they going to start fighting Henry? Alessandro eyes up Tonic, and becomes scared at his super speed. Tags Domenico in. Domenico: Oh no! Puddem up! Glugs whisky down and smashes bottle Frosty: Ohhh no this is not good! If making the Grinch glue on your eyes and using a sharpie draw on your face.

    Snowman are adorable! I would love to make some. Just curious how you connected the rolls together, and how well they stay connected?

    Class - Topsy Turvy Snowman/Reindeer

    Hi there, we actually just stacked the rolls after covering them in tissue paper, they are not connected but they stayed stacked very well. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Toilet Paper Snowman Craft. Toilet Paper Snowman Craft I had seen where someone had made a ghost face on some toilet paper rolls before and thought how fun would it be to make some Christmas ones.

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    Share this:. Boyd Kobe October 1, at pm. Very cute Snowman, That was a great idea and a lot of inspiration thanks.