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On mad, bad, and dangerous books
  1. Is God everywhere?

He looks through big puppy dog eyes, using his good looks to get his own way while he tries to hide his inner turmoil about his actions.

Weil on the other hand is impossibly charismatic as Michael and to be honest I was a bit in love with him by the time the film ended. A little older than Brignall, he is super smooth delivering a performance that is affecting and at times emotional.

Is God everywhere?

Together the actors almost set the screen on fire and you can feel the chemistry a mile off. I really, really enjoyed Sodom.

See a Problem?

Some may find the all talk and not a lot of action a bit disappointing, but I liked that it felt more like a piece of theatre. You come to care about both of the characters very quickly, which surprised me, and the performances from Brignall and Weil are fantastic. This could easily have been a sex-a-thon with little context but Wilshin digs deeper for an intimate portrayal of two men sharing an unexpected connection over the course of one evening that will resonate with its intended audience.

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Sodom DVD review. Retaliation is a humorous short story of infidelity, anti-clericalism, and revenge.

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  7. It's good to read as a reminder that Sade had a great sense of humor, something not always obvious to readers of his more notorious tomes. This is a brief life of Sade written by the brilliant French literary critic Roland Barthes.

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    Taking an impressionistic approach, the text presents Sade not through chronology but through a selection of odd detail and characteristic incident. It was originally published in Barthes' book Sade Fourier Loyola. These are the original Grove Press translations of the Marquis de Sade.

    Though you expect Sade to appeal to a primarily male audience, the two most insightful critical works about Sade were written by women.