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Competitors will race from point to point each day whilst the team would pack away the camp and have it back up again at the next location hopefully in time for the first competitors returning. As a guest speaker Darren is a true inspiration to all.

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His approach to challenge, personal development and lifelong learning made him the perfect guest speaker to inspire and motivate our team. Darren has been involved with Nene Inspired from the initial conception to getting the charity up and running. His drive and determination to support young people in engaging with positive and adventurous activates has been extremely motivating for all involved in the Project.

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As a valued trustee; Darren takes a keen interest in the development and evolution of our organization. Motivation and inspiration are key elements in encouraging young people to strive beyond their limiting beliefs. As a guest speaker on our National Citizen Service courses; the group listened attentively as he talked them through his various exploits as an extreme adventurer and charity fundraiser.

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His stories of completing the Marathon Des Sables and spending a week challenging alongside Sir Ranulph Fiennes as he became the oldest UK citizen to complete the challenge held his audience spellbound. A true motivational speaker. Hey Fat Girl! Orca Strike Craft. Hammerhead Kane's Wrath only. Ironside Kane's Wrath only.

Supersonic Fighter Kane's Wrath only. Supersonic Fighter. Aircraft carrier.

From The Pagan Vastlands | BARBARIAN WRATH

Structures Production. Construction Yard. War Factory. Reclamator Hub Kane's Wrath only. Power Plant.

Tiberium Refinery. Space Command Uplink. Tiberium Silo. Ion Cannon Control. Combat Support Airfield Kane's Wrath only.


Intelligence Center campaign only. Combat Support Airfield. Tiberium Processing Plant Global Conquest mode only. Guardian Cannon. Anti-Air Battery. Sharpshooter team. Shockwave Artillery. Zone Trooper Drop Pods. Ion Cannon. Sonic Fence Kane's Wrath only. Supersonic Air Strike Kane's Wrath only. Orbital Strike Kane's Wrath only. Liquid Tiberium Bomb campaign only.

Railgun Accelerator. Supersonic Air Strike. Zone Raider Drop. Sonic Fence.

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Composite Armor. Stratofighter Upgrade. Sensor Pod Upgrade.